Posted by: Kate | July 5, 2013


Last year was my first time growing garlic. I let the plants die back and then dug up half of them, only to find that the bulbs hadn’t finished maturing and I only had small whole garlic bulbs (i.e. no cloves on the bulbs). The summer was not a great one weather-wise, and the second half of the garlic died off completely and the green rotted before I could dig out their bulbs. I figured they would rot into the garden, so left them alone.

Then this winter, the garlic that was left behind started sprouting, so I let them grow, not expecting much. They kept growing though, and by the end of June we could see some of the bulbs pushing out of the ground. So once the top leaves started to die back, I pulled them.



I’m quite pleased with this little harvest, and can’t wait to plant a bigger crop next year!



  1. Garlic, yum!

    • I agree!

  2. Garlic is one of my favourite things from the garden. I like how it gets planted in the fall and is one of the first things to start growing in the early spring. I also love the scapes that I cut off from the tops in early summer. I am very sad I have to leave my garlic behind. I am going to dig up one and see if they are close to being ready. if they are I will take a few with me to our new house. I think it’s awesome you got a surprise crop this year! :-)

    • I hope some are ready for you!
      I love how truly simple a crop it is to grow. Not sure why I didn’t realize this sooner.

  3. I’ve never tried to grow garlic, although I buy an awful lot of it. Love garlic! Every summer, there’s a Garlic Festival here–there are some very serious garlic farmers locally.

    • It certainly won’t be enough to last us until next season, but I’m quite pleased with it. We love garlic as well!

  4. What a happy surprise! Your garlic looks wonderful & I bet it’s even tastier, fresh from the garden. We LOVE garlic around this house. I love how nature keeps doing what nature does best!

    • I’m debating whether to keep some of this crop for planting next year or use it all and buy new garlic for planting next year :)

      • You’re our “garlic-growing guinea pig” – ha ha (it is hard to relay emotion online, pls know I meant this as kindly as possible).

        I would keep one or so old bulbs to plant and buy new garlic as well. You could experiment and see how they compare. Sounds easy – just neglect it! My kind of gardening :)

  5. Well done! We grow lots of things, but never seem to have very much success with garlic. We love it, so we really ought to try a little harder with the growing of it. Ros

    • I thought it would be harder as well, apparently neglect works for garlic :)

  6. wow! that’s a great harvest!
    i’ve never tried growing garlic, but i’m good at neglecting my garden, so maybe i should give it a try! :)

    • Hee hee. Go for it!

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