Posted by: Kate | July 1, 2013

My Canada

Today is Canada Day. I love living in this country for so many reasons, but front and centre is the amazing scenery and wildlife that are part of my Canada.

beach night june 291

beach night june 297

beach night june 298

These were taken just the other night, as we enjoyed a beach fire five minutes from our house. I also took a video of some entertaining eagles, who were trying to scoop some fish guts from the rocks (left by a local fisherman) while also avoiding the wrath of a nesting pair of bald eagles who didn’t welcome other eagles to their section of the shorefront.

Happy Canada Day!!




  1. Happy Canada Day! You do live in gorgeous corner of it.

    • Thanks! We are very lucky :)

  2. Happy Canada Day to you & your family, too!! You really do live in paradise :) xox

    • Thanks ~ this sunny week-end certainly feels like paradise!

  3. Happy Canada Day! Canada is on my list of expat countries! :)

    • Hawaii is high on my list of places to visit :)

  4. Lovely pictures Kate, and that was neat you caught the eagle on video. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful province, and such a great country.

    • It’s actually about four different eagles!

      And I completely agree, a place of stunning beauty (the old tourism phrase Super Natural always seemed so right to me) and a great country.

      • As you know, I love *your* eagles! It’s great you could video them :) Thx!

        I just bought a $1 children’s book @ Michael’s on “Raptors”, Eagles being one of them. I didn’t know there were so many different eagles, only knowing of the Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle (a much browner, gold-coloured bird, not as dramatic of the Bald eagle. Very impressive nonetheless).

      • I was thinking of you when I posted the video – I know how much you love eagles!

  5. You do live in a beautiful area. Your top photo looks like a place I’d like to stand, looking out at the vast landscape, when I am seeking answers. It looks hopeful.

    • Hopeful, yes. I think this place, if you allow it, easily fills one with hope.

  6. happy belated canada day to you!!
    thank you for sharing your beautiful corner of your beautiful country with the rest of us!!

    • I figure it’s only fair.

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