Posted by: Kate | June 28, 2013

Feature Photo: First Blush

first blush


I love hydrangeas, especially when they are just starting to get their colour. I have two in the garden, one blue and one purple, although the young flowers look more pink this year. They both started from small little potted plants, and are now big bushes at the side of the house!

One other note, I have started responding to comments within the posts themselves. I was getting behind on answering people privately. I will continue to correspond privately, but this way I can also answer questions and give quick responses to comments. Do people like seeing responses to comments this way?


  1. Maybe it’ll be a pink hydrangea this year! :) It all depends on the soil acidity levels for the colors… Maybe the soil has changed enough for the colors to change a bit too.

    • Just the purple one is this pink, the blue one is a lovely blue. We’ll have to wait and see how the mature flowers look!

  2. there are plumeria here that have similar coloring!

    • Oooh, that would be lovely!!

  3. Such beautiful flowers. I also like them very much! Ros

    • Thanks Ros!

  4. Wow, this is gorgeous! I’ve tried to grow hydrangeas from small pot bought at Safeway, but it didn’t survive :( For now, I will admire your beautiful flowers.

    I love that you’re commenting here in the blog. It’s good to read what you say and sometimes when/if someone asks a question, everyone can see it.

    Enjoy your Canada Day long weekend – stay frosty!

    • I was surprised at this pink/purple one as it was on its last legs when I planted it. Hydrangeas do well on the coast though.

  5. gorgeous!! i love hydrangeas too!!

    • They are stunning, aren’t they?!

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