Posted by: Kate | June 23, 2013

Feature Photo: Tent Caterpillars

tent caterpillars


We’ve had a mild year on this part of the island for tent caterpillars, but down on the south island (and gulf islands) it has been a high population year. When we were on Gabriola the trees were so full of tents and caterpillars that every beach we went to had caterpillars crawling on the rocks and even across the sand. Bushboy loves caterpillars, so he thought it was awesome. Luckily the campsite was under mostly conifers, and the caterpillars go for deciduous trees, so we weren’t dealing with them there.


  1. Oh mercy! Thx for the pic, I’d much rather look at the pics rather than hold them in my hands, dear BB!

    • Creeps me out when he does it, but I still encourage it. :)

      • I love that we can still marvel at the world through our children’s eyes & hands.

  2. okay, i am not an overly squeemish person, but this photo gives me the heebie-geebies.

    • Hmm, maybe every time you post a squirrel I’ll post a caterpillar ….? ;-)

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