Posted by: Kate | June 18, 2013

June Garden

I was quietly weeding away in the vegetable garden when I noticed a certain boy sneaking behind me. “Leave me a raspberry!” I yelled without even turning around. In that moment it hit me. THIS is why I garden.

Bushboy thinks it is normal and right to wait for the first raspberries to ripen on the bushes in the backyard. He knows that strawberries from California aren’t worth buying, we wait instead for our garden berries to ever so slowly turn red, until all of a sudden there are handfuls new every day.

Mr. Kate walked by the counter last night where I was preparing dinner and exclaimed “Is that OUR pac choi?!” It was, green and white and fresh and crisp.

Tonight sprigs of our rosemary are marinading with the pork tenderloins before they hit the barbeque.

Is the garden cost effective people often want to know. Why not just buy local, buy at the Farmers’ Markets? No, not generally cost effective for only three people. I do buy local, I do shop at the Farmers’ Markets, I pick blue berries at a local berry farm.


Knowing that food has to grow on plants that are cared for with effort, watching and waiting and learning the cycles of our garden, eating food we planted from seeds and starter plants, tasting food as fresh as fresh can be, watching a 13-year-old boy sneak off to eat the first raspberries …. that is why I do this. I may not be so organized with my vegetable garden that I can stock my pantry or have my own little farm going on, but those small successes, that food we can put on our own plates – that is my reason to have a vegetable garden.


  1. An excellent reason. I bet that pac choi was superb.

    • It really has been a stellar year for the greens!

  2. What a lovely post! Isn’t it a great feeling to see the appreciation for gardening get “planted” in the next generation? My oldest son and his wife have been busy the past two weeks preparing a garden at the house they have just rented in Victoria. It has made me feel much like you when Bushboy is scouring your bushes for ripe raspberries.

    • That’s it exactly! I’m sure my Dad feels the same way.

  3. Oh sigh… I know it isn’t all idyllic, but this entry sure makes it seem so! Makes me wistful for our garden!

    • There’s always next season!

  4. It’s almost like I’m there, smelling, looking and tasting your lovely garden! The menus you’re coming up with sounds delicious.

    It’s that first raspberry that is the best raspberry! Yum.

    Thank God for farmer’s markets or we wouldn’t get to enjoy the amazing bounty :)

    • The raspberries are amazing.

  5. amen to that!!

    • :)

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