Posted by: Kate | June 10, 2013

June Health Challenge

So, June. Bringer of summer, long nights and grass mowing. End of school busy-ness. If the weather cooperates, a wonderful month.

My plans for the month? I found a work-out to do at home, and I want to do it twice a week. I’m keeping it simple this month, as I know we are going to be really busy, so that’s it. Twice a week, work-out.

How’s your June progressing?


  1. I’m curious to see how you like your home work-outs. It’s something I did more when I was in my teens. After college I shifted to a must-get-out-of-the-home to work-out phase and never turned back. My June? Very nice so far. We just finished a ten day technology-free vacation. There were morning and evening walks, daily. No yoga. No weights. Loads of beautiful natural landscape. I’m missing the walks in wide open spaces, but also feeling good about returning to weights and yoga this week.

    • Sounds like a lovely break.

      I’m cheap, that’s why it’s all at home :)

  2. Well my June is going fabulously! But I’m in the Rocky Mountains on vacation with my friend celebrating our 30year friend-aversary! So all the healthy things like hiking are interspersed with sitting on the deck drinking wine and eating cheese and olives :)

    • What a great start to the month – enjoy!!

  3. I’m busy nursing and reorganizing my world view around my beautiful son, :) but i’m also very focused on eating healthy as i nest, i am curious how yoga and running will go when i get back to it.

    • You are amazing!

  4. My June health challenge begins Monday when I start an elimination diet. Not looking forward to it.

    • I sympathize :(
      I feel fortunate that my IC has not gotten to the point where I have felt compelled to do an elimination diet (aside from the basics).

  5. Goodness, time is running faster than I can keep up! I’m so inspired by your health callenge, keep it up! DH thought I could benefit from a personal trainer, someone who has experience with MS. I haven’t investigated anything yet, but is top of mind!! I’ve got to lose weight & with that, I should have more energy, something that I’ve been lacking these days. I wish I had more strength, too, my knitting/crocheting is now suffering because of my left arm/hand weakness. Oh, woe is me, hopefully this will be a short relapse.

    • It gets to be a vicious circle, doesn’t it? I hope your relapse is short as well!

      • Thank you Kate. It comes & goes, is ‘officially’ called “relapsing/remitting”. Today is a bit better.

        Your blog is one of the joyful places I go to on the net, keep showing us your amazing pictures & words.

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