Posted by: Kate | May 20, 2013

First Camping Trip of 2013

The May long week-end almost always marks our first camping trip of the season. It is also almost always spent camping with some of our favourite people (including our favourite baby this time!). This year was no exception. We decided to revisit Gabriola Island, a favourite destination from years ago when my mum lived there.

Descanso Bay Regional Park

Descanso Bay Regional Park

Not a bad place to spend a week-end. We had a night and most of a day there on our own, and we relaxed and explored in between rain showers (few and far between). Our first night I asked Bushboy how he felt to be camping again:

camping bushboy

Right then.

Descanso Bay is a lovely campground, and although it was full it wasn’t too noisy or crowded. And the bay itself is quite picturesque!

Descanso 2013

The next two days were spent exploring and reminiscing, beach combing, baby playing, visiting, camp firing and generally getting the most out of our first trip of the season.

Drumbeg Provincial Park

Drumbeg Provincial Park

I love the sandstone rock that makes up so many of our Gulf Islands. It is not as common on our central and northern Vancouver Island beaches. Bushboy enjoyed the many holes and ‘caves’ (just like I did when I was a girl exploring sandstone beaches!).



All in all a wonderful trip.

family may 2013

(The significance of the location and the sundial to be explained tomorrow….)




  1. gorgeous gorgeous photos kate! i’m so glad you got to go out and enjoy your trip with friends!
    love your family photo at the end and bushboy’s “camping joy” face totally cracked me up!
    you guys are so fun, i want to go camping with you too!! :)

  2. I’m glad you had a great season opener for the camping season. Too bad Bushboy wasn’t happy about it. :-)

    I don’t think I have ever seen sandstone beaches. It looks like it was a beautiful spot to camp!

  3. Such a beautiful location. Looks like fun.

  4. What amazing scenery! It looks very northwestern.

    How did you get to the island…?

  5. Wonderful pics, Kate! It looks like everyone and most esp. BB, had a great time!

    I’ve never seen sandstone beaches either, they look amazing. Is it just me or does that look like a seal carved into the stone, in the bottom left of the 5th pic?

    (I’ve kept a few of your pics on my desktop. The 1st one looks like a watercolour painting waiting to happen.

  6. Hi Kate, We live here on Gabriola and host a summer camp at Descanso Campground every summer. We’ve been looking for a few fotos to help people get a sense of the place. Would you be willing to let us use one or two of your pictures? We have no budget for marketing but would gladly give you credit or include a link to your site.

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