Posted by: Kate | April 26, 2013

Feature Photo: Juvenile Eagle

jouvenile eagle


At this time of year juvenile bald eagles are a very common sight along the Campbell River shoreline. The parent eagles are pushing them away in preparation for the new babies they will be caring for this year, and the juveniles don’t always go willingly. So they hang around the nesting sites, hoping to catch the favour of mom and dad. This one was quite interested in Chika while we were at the beach this week, sitting only 20 feet or so up in a tree at the edge of the logs where Chika was exploring. 



  1. the eagle probably just couldn’t stop staring at chika because he’s the world’s most handsome dog!

  2. Cool!

  3. I was thinking about you and ‘your’ eagles! It amazes me how close you are to them and I have to agree with melissa, chika’s the most handsome dog! No wonder juvenile eagle was staring!

    I recently received a beautiful silver band bracelet from my husband for our 25th Anniversary. It is hand-carved by Richard Baker from the Coast Salish Tribe. It is an eagle!

    The store provided a sheet on the “Legends” of different animals.
    “Eagle – the symbol of power and prestige. When holding an Eagle feather, one must speak the truth. Eagle is a symbol of friendship and welcome. Like the Wolf and Killer Whate, Eagles mate for life.”

  4. Oh WOW! How beautiful. I have only ever seen an eagle once……. in Florida. Such beauty! Ros

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