Posted by: Kate | April 21, 2013

A Saturday in April

rhubarb abd chives

Working in the garden, loving the rhubarb so eager to greet the early spring.

panda closeup

Panda’s new favourite sun spot is near the west-facing window on top of the sewing machine box. She’s so pretty and such a little minx.

lilac buds

The lilac bush is getting me quite excited this year, this is the most buds it’s ever had!

dipFamily dinner at my mum’s, our contribution was this Epicure BLT dip (gets cooked before serving). So good!



  1. oh panda… you are so glorious and beautiful!! those eyes…

    you have rhubarb up?!?! and not just up but that huge already?!?! ha! we’re supposed to get *another* snow this afternoon/evening!
    my hope is that our late cold spring foretells of a pleasant and mild summer…
    but for now i’m just going to enjoy the photos of your garden while i get my snow shovel back out of the garage :)

    • Oh no, more snow?!? Your garden will love all the moisture the snow brings.

      I believe that you WILL have a pleasant & mild summer, it sounds like you’ve earned it. Watch your back shovelling!

      I want to take Panda home …

  2. Ah, taking deep breath, taking in your beautiful Spring photos :) I’m thrilled you have more lilac buds – stuff like this really excites me ;) What will you make with your rhubarb? You know I’m going to ask you for the recipe for your Epicure BLT dip. omg, it looks good! And if you’re recipe is a secret family recipe, that’s ok, I can (almost) live with that.

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