Posted by: Kate | April 10, 2013

Knitting Gifts for March

Two gifts were delivered in Victoria. One was a vest for my Dad for his birthday. This was knit from Berocco Vintage (love this yarn, used it for Mr. Kate’s grey Beagle sweater) and was a pattern from Veronik Avery’s book Knitting Classic Style. A very easy to follow pattern, the only complaint I had was that the instructions called for a light steaming to finish and this sucker needed serious blocking to correct the massive bias that formed from knitting it in one piece (as called for in the pattern). I feel the pattern notes should have made some reference to this, as I see on Ravelry that other people have had the same issue. However, I love the final product and Dad seemed please with it. You can still see the bias in the picture, the vest was actually still damp when I took it. It’s less noticeable in person thankfully.

dads vest 1

The second gift to get delivered was a baby sweater for our favourite baby boy. He’s growing up so fast, I decided he needed a cotton sweatshirt type sweater. The Telemark Pullover fit the bill, and I knit it with some Patons Cotontop yarn that I’d had in my stash for years. Loved this project, and I knit it in a record four days (even Mr. Kate was impressed)!

E sweaterHopefully both items will get well worn!




  1. they’re both fantastic kate!
    your dad’s vest turned out great and the baby sweater looks just oh so snuggly!!

  2. I am sure both of your wonderful gifts will be well worn! You mention a bias in the vest but I don’t see it, all I see is a gorgeous textured vest. Your Dad will surely feel your loving hands whilst wearing it, sort of like a big, warm hug! The baby sweater looks like it’ll be a welcome addition, too. Well done!

  3. Both finished projects are great, but that vest – oh my! I love that vest! You deserve an award for doing a sewn-in zipper.

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