Posted by: Kate | April 8, 2013

April Health Challenge

I figure I better get this up here before we get so far into April it becomes a moot point! So, here we go with the monthly health challenge….

April is the first month that can start to feel like spring around these parts, so I have incorporated some spring thinking into my monthly challenges.

1. The garden! This is a two-fold challenge. A) it is a physical challenge, as there is a lot of work to do. This will add variety to my daily physical activity. However, I also want to be conscious of being good to my body and not over-doing it and thus hurting myself. Finding a good balance will be the challenge here. B) it is a nutrition challenge, as I am determined to have a good year in my vegetable garden. We are not doing any major trips this summer, so I can plan on being around for the most part. I will be continuing this part of the challenge through-out the spring and summer, and will be sharing in separate posts my edible gardening progress and projects.

2. Meals. I would like to spend some time focusing on what I eat, and the ways I get the nutrition I need. I don’t eat a lot, but that means the calories I do take in should be good ones, not empty ones. So new menus, changing some snacking habits, new recipes.

Walking, etc will of course continue, but those two challenges will get special attention this month.



  1. Is it April? lol, where does the time go??! I love your “Health Challenge”, you inspire me every time I read your blog.

    It looks like you’ll be kept busy this year in your vegetable garden. That’s a work-out, for sure. I like that you can somewhat ‘control’ what you’ll be growing & eating, rather than buying some mystery vegetable. These days most of the fruits & vegs are coming all the way from Mexico. I just bought a Barlette Pear from Argentina!

    We look forward to locally grown food here in the Okanagan.

  2. I think it is great your are incorporating your garden into your health challenge! Have you seen the Book of Kale? It was written last year by a woman from Vancouver, and she has lots of great ideas for cooking with kale. Her write-up about kale as a super food is interesting, too. The great thing about gardening is that it’s a double bonus for your health because you get the exercise and the good food.

  3. we’re supposed to get 3″ of snow tonight! i’m kinda enjoying this last tantrum from winter and hoping for one more snowday for lily tomorrow!
    that said… spring is coming!
    and i have a big garden project ahead of me (the new house has a huge perennial flower garden and i mean to turn it to vegetables). still need to make myself get out and walk more.
    *but* i just heard yesterday that the yoga studio in town is starting a yoga-care class which sounds like it would be just what me adn my chronic back pain need! i need to call over there today, but i am oh so happy at the prospect of doing yoga again!

  4. Oh, I love both goals! My food goals are taking a backseat to practicality of getting sleep while working and growing Baby. Fortunately Rocky is an exceptional cook and is working hard to keep us all healthy. I can’t wait to see what you grow in your garden this year!

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