Posted by: Kate | March 31, 2013

March Health Challenge Check In

Wait, where did the month go?! 

That pretty much sums up how quickly March went by around here, what with birthdays, report cards, laser tag parties, dinners out, Spring Break and Easter. Phew! I’ve had to turn to my day planner to see how I did on my health challenge for the month.

Let’s deal with the third one first – mental health and negative voices. I think, due to the speed of the month, that this was a success. I’ve had good success in keeping those voices down, and allowing life to arrive without my attempts at worrying it to pieces. The sunshine and arrival of warm temperatures this week has helped me end the month in a really good frame of mind.

The second challenge – yoga stretches and weight lifting – was a bit of a bust. I am still stretching, but not much weight lifting got done. After the craziness of the month, I’m hoping to get this back on the calendar and back on track, as I know it is so good for me.

Walking continues. As expected, the busiest week with two birthdays saw only two walks. But two of the weeks had five or more, so all in all I think this was a success. The lighter evenings help, as does the fact we haven’t had a lot of rain.

The only downer for me health-wise is that my weight is still higher than I’d like. I think the celebrations and lazy eating this month had a lot to do with it, so I think food and nutrition are going to play a part in April’s health challenge. Plus we are now into gardening season, and I have some food/health challenges to work in there as well!

How about you? How did the crazy days of March treat you? I know parts of the country are deep in snow still, and dealing with those awful spring storms that seem to suck the life right out of you (been there when we lived in Ottawa, not going to do it again thank you very much).

Back in the next couple of days with April’s health challenge.



  1. i came on strong the last two days of the month – getting out on long walks with luna (meaning longer than a quick “around the block in the freezing cold.”) it helps that the sun and warmer temps are here too!
    yay for getting outdoors!

  2. I’m with you. How is it April already? March was pretty good all around. It is wet and rainy here today. Pairing a soggy day with the gym is never very inviting… This might seem strange, but I think I’d rather just take a long walk in the rain. Enjoy April.

  3. Well done, Kate! Everything changes when the sun shines! I think you’re doing great, let’s not be hard on ourselves (a rather hard lesson to learn for me). Celebrate your moments, esp. the small ones, they count the most.

    Happy gardening!

  4. Sounds like you’ve been doing pretty well. It’s always hard to keep up these routines in amongst the trials and chores of everday life. So, well done! Ros

  5. I walked more than ever this month. First, Youngest Son and I spent three days at Disneyland. Then, the car died and was in the shop almost three weeks so I had to walk everywhere. The car came home tonight and my challenge will be not to jump in it at the drop of a hat, but strap on my shoes and keep walking.

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