Posted by: Kate | March 30, 2013

Friday Walk

Spring has arrived just in time for Easter, with unseasonably warm temperatures and wonderful sunshine. We are soaking up every possible moment, working in the yard, sitting on the deck and of course going for walks. On Friday we walked in the Beaver Lodge Lands, a previously logged, protected forest in the heart of suburbia.

friday walk1

friday walk2

friday walk3

friday walk4

friday walk5

friday walk6


Walks are such a part of our family, they allow us to relax, joke and talk together, and enjoy nature. Not bad for free local entertainment!



  1. A wonderful way to spend time. ‘Walks in the woods’ and ‘rides in the country’ were such a big part of my childhood. Two things I still love today. Enjoy!

  2. oh these pictures warm my heart! all that green and the browns and blues… gorgeous!!

  3. Quite amazing for the end of March! Warm weather and not a raindrop in sight. Happy Easter!

  4. Beautiful!! Did you get your camera back? These are incredibly beautiful pics – it feels like I’m almost there, breathing in the warm air and all those wonderful Spring scents. Ahhhhhh!

    What are the red bits in the 3rd pic?

    I love your “happy ending” pic with your boys walking tog, you can’t buy that kind of entertainment!

    Happy Easter!

  5. Hey — is this your camera or BB’s? Beautiful pictures. I’ve had an insane few weeks and for the first time in a month, I was able to slow down a bit tonight. I just stopped and breathed in these images for a minute…thanks for sharing Kate.

  6. Such beautiful tree loveliness!!! Ros

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