Posted by: Kate | March 25, 2013


I am still without my camera. It is at a repair shop in Victoria, awaiting a part to fix it. I was willing to pay for the repair, because I really love that camera.

What this enforced separation has done, however, has made me realize how much I look at the world through how to share it with others. Between family, the blog and scrapbooking, I am always looking at things with the eye, not of a photographer, but of a memory keeper. Whether it was Bushboy’s delight at sitting in the front seat finally, the beautiful dark green curly leaves of the rhubarb as they emerge from the soil, the antics of the pets, or the vest I have almost finished (just needs a zip) for my dad — I turn for my camera to document it and share it. So many moments have passed me by where I have ached for my camera, it has surprised me, and pleased me. I love to tell stories, and I know that the visual adds a dimension to my stories that words alone can’t always convey.

I am hoping to have it back the first week of April.

(I do have Bushboy’s camera at hand, but it’s not mine and it’s just not the same.)



  1. well i am glad to hear they are able to fix your camera!

  2. Hang in there, Kate! I feel your pain, knowing how awful it was waiting for my camera to return to my pic-snapping fingers!

    I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful pics.

  3. I’m glad to hear that your camera is to be fixed. I’ve missed your photos. I was just thinking as I read your last post on the sights/sounds of spring that your camera must still be in the shop or there would have been some beautiful pictures accompanying those words.

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