Posted by: Kate | March 15, 2013



Self portrait.

Somewhere, I think when my back was turned, you started to grow up. You became your own person, with your own dreams and beliefs and hopes. You went from being a little child to beginning your journey to independence and adulthood. I’m scared to blink some days, as I might miss a piece of this journey that I am so privileged to witness.

You are an amazing young man. You are caring, and funny, and smart. You are a good friend. You are determined to be yourself at all times, something I admire.

As you celebrate 13, know that we love you, and are here cheering for you.

Welcome to the front seat.

(PS Bushboy has started posting again over at the family blog, check it out.)



  1. You are a great mom, Kate.

  2. Happy birthday wishes to Bushboy! You and your husband have done an outstanding job. Your thoughtfulness as a mom shines through in your posts whenever you write about him.

  3. happy happy birthday to bushboy!
    and happy happy 13 years of being an amazing mom to you kate!

  4. How did I miss this post? It must have something to do with my age, lol.

    Happy Birthday to Bushboy!!! You’ve got a teen on your hands :) From what I’ve ‘seen’ so far, you won’t have any problems. He’s a good boy. Coming from such loving parents, it’s no wonder. Congratulations :)

  5. happy belated birthday BB! 13…wow. Kate, this was beautiful.

  6. Super late, but Happy Birthday BushBoy!!!

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