Posted by: Kate | March 3, 2013

March Health Challenge

Ah, March on the west coast. Gentle winds turn into howling gales, soft sunshine turns into torrential rain, white puffy clouds turn into black menacing cloud banks. In other words, this is one very unpredictable month on the island! So, what’s a girl to do?

My challenge for the month is two-fold, one is to continue with the movement – walking, stretching, weights, etc – that I have been working on so far. I feel like I’m making some progress incorporating other things into my daily routine, so I want to keep working towards that goal. The second part to the challenge is to look at mental health. This is mostly about accepting change in this turbulent month, not being overly critical and not worrying so much.

To break it down into tasks —

  • walk more than 3 times every week (this means a good walk, not just the dog’s quick bathroom walk which is done every day). I’m hoping the weather continues to cooperate with this.
  • Alternate weight lifting and yoga stretching at least four times a week.
  • Stop letting the voices in my head talk so much, make myself focus away from the worry or critical thinking by singing, reading, crafting, or generally distracting myself – from myself!

I’ll check back in the month and let you know how it’s progressing. I’m finding the focus is really helping me keep on track, and I really appreciate the great discussion and feedback you are all providing as well.

As I have mentioned before, March is a big month. There are three milestone birthdays around us this month (my Dad is the third one), and the blog will soon reach a milestone as well. So – watch for further developments!



  1. I’m so happy for you keeping up with your Health Challenge!! It is super-inspiring for me as well, thank you. I can relate, as I know everyone can, about the chatter in your or one’s head. I’ve managed to ‘control’ it by visualizing a Stop Sign in my head & whenever an unwanted thought appears, I’ll “look” at the Stop Sign and change direction. I’ve been practising this for nigh past 5 years-ish. And I’m happy to say that it’s now working!!

    There are much more ‘important’ things to think about :) Presently, I hear there’s a big snowstorm in Calgary, so our trip might be delayed a day or two :( Oh well, it’ll give me more time to collect my knitting things.

    Happy early Birthday!

  2. All sounds healthy and purposeful. Those voices are very annoying and lead to far too much deep thinking about things. The red light idea sounds useful. Good luck! Ros

  3. good for you kate!
    i am going to follow your lead and get out to walk more. and oooh yoga stretching sounds so wonderful! i just need to make myself make the time!

    and i love the idea of distracting yourself from yourself… i went through a lot of therapy to learn how to do that!!

    best of luck on your goals for this month!!

  4. so i didn’t realize just how far behind i was until i went back to the first post I had missed. Has it really been a month? I guess there’s not a lot to comment on since soon I’ll see the results of your March challenge! I hope that if you were able to drown out those darn voiced in the head, you’ll share your secret though!

  5. […] That pretty much sums up how quickly March went by around here, what with birthdays, report cards, laser tag parties, dinners out, Spring Break and Easter. Phew! I’ve had to turn to my day planner to see how I did on my health challenge for the month. […]

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