Posted by: Kate | February 20, 2013

Blog, Meet Panda. Panda, Meet Blog.

panda1Panda came to live with us a week ago, when our neighbours moved and had to make the hard decision to leave her behind (they were elderly and couldn’t take her to their new place in a new town). We always said we weren’t going to have three cats, but our neighbour wasn’t able to find a home for her, and we’re just push-overs for a cute cat. We knew Panda quite well already as we’d always looked after their cats for them when they went away.

It’s been a little bumpy with the rest of the animals, but no major fights. She has put her iron paw down – which is ridiculous as she weighs all of about 4 pounds! But she is at least part Siamese, and she is used to getting her way.

chika and panda1


She won’t let Chika anywhere near her, although we have tried to tell her he would be her bestest friend. He’s a lover, after all! Poor Hubert is totally cowed by her and stays well out of her way. Someone forgot to tell him he’s at least 4X her size! There is hope for her and Torti, although they hiss at each other a lot they have gotten the closest in proximity.

Panda is 3, so she is quite a bit younger than the rest of the crew, and is a bundle of energy. She is very affectionate with all of us and quite social.

But I really never thought we’d be a 3 cat household!

Please Panda, let me be your friend....

Please Panda, let me be your friend….



  1. Isn’t it funny how the little animals can terrify the bigger ones? Our 40-pound border collie is scared to death of some of the tiny terriers in our neighborhood, when really, she could cause them significant damage if she wanted to.

  2. Aww, what a beauty! She looks so … regal. Congrats to you & your family, including your pets. It looks like Chika will be her best friend in no time. Just look at that sweet face (Chika)!

  3. Panda is a sweetheart! I love the picture of your dog and Panda staring intently at each other. It was nice of you to give her a home. :-)

  4. mew!
    oh panda is a beauty!
    i’m sure it will take some time, but she’ll settle in with the rest of your pets i’m sure!

    ps – chika is so handsome :)

  5. I’m so glad you guys welcomed her into your home…though not surprised! Such a beautiful kitten. And oh, Chika…you want so much to have her as a friend don’t you!!!

  6. Oh she’s beautiful! It was so generous of you to welcome her into your family. Hopefully the other furry members will come round and all will be well. Chika won’t give up trying, I’m sure! Ros

  7. Hello Panda!! We love black and whites over here… Or white and blacks, in your case. We’re a three cat house. It can be a bit rough at times, but we love them all!

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