Posted by: Kate | February 18, 2013

Four Years and Look! A Blanket!

9 stitch blanket1


It all started with a bargain bag of yarn. Blue and green, seemed to be my colours. The boys had blankets and as yet I did not. Simple, right? Then, an excellent pattern caught my eye. The 10 stitch blanket by Frankie Brown is a fun and easy to knit pattern. September of 2009 I cast on.

9 stitch blanket2


Turns out that somewhere along the way, I think quite close to the beginning, I turned it into a 9 stitch blanket. Because apparently 10 made me cocky and I didn’t count.

In the end, I used two more big skeins of yarn to get it the size I wanted. I chose two different shades of green, likely because I bought them over a year apart. No matter, it’s finally finished! Just in time for Bushboy to realize that his is getting pretty small and it would be nice to have a new one. I told him he could have either a sweater or a blanket this year, not both. He’s getting back to me with that decision.

9 stitch blanket3


And yes, I did end the row in the middle of the blanket, as you can see in the top of the picture. I wanted to use all the yarn, and I wasn’t buying any more. So that’s the way it is, and I think it suits me just fine!



  1. I think it is beautiful! You did a great job finishing (can you send some of your enthusiasm my way?). The colours you chose look so vibrant. There’s something about a hand-knit blanket, it’s so warm & cosy.

  2. hooray kate!!
    i love this blanket, it’s absolutely gorgeous!
    and i love that you just stopped when you ran out of yarn. perfection!

  3. Congrats on finishing your epic project! You were way more successful than I was with my epic project. :-)

  4. It suits me just fine too. You are going to be so happy with that beautiful blanket wrapped around you. Enjoy!

  5. I noticed your ‘ending’ right away and loved it actually. Very pretty blanket…you’ll have to keep us posted whether it will end up yours or BB’s.

  6. I love the blue/green in the center. And all of the details make for a unique blanket you’ll love even more.

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