Posted by: Kate | February 11, 2013

Health Break

I kept this one quiet, but part of my February health plan was a little mini-retreat with my closest friend. (I’ve decided oldest isn’t quite right, as she’s not the oldest person I know. But she has been my friend since we were 15, and aside from family is the only person still in my life who knew me before I started dating my husband at 16. The three of us have been friends for that long, and her husband was a wonderful addition to the friendship.) I zipped down to her place Friday night to play with the baby and visit with her husband, and then on Saturday we headed to Shawnigan Lake School for a charity scrapbooking event. This was the third time we have attended this event, and as per usual it was fabulous. Lots of scrapping, good food, nice people, beautiful surroundings. A wonderful day.

Hard at work!

Hard at work!

Then we took ourselves five minutes down the road to a B&B! We could have driven the 45 minutes back to her place, but we are always tired after a long day scrapping (9am – 9pm) so we decided to find accommodations closer. What a treat that was. A lovely private entrance room, good talk, and a breakfast delivered to outside our door the next morning.

Yogurt with fruit on top, in martini glasses, drizzled with honey and cinnamon. Fresh bodum coffee, and then a delivery of oven-fresh apple cinamon buns. Yum.

Yogurt with fruit on top, in martini glasses, drizzled with honey and cinnamon. Fresh bodum coffee, and then a delivery of oven-fresh apple cinnamon buns. Yum.

File this one under mental health, and social health, and creative health. The perfect antidote for the middle of winter – looking forward to next year!



  1. What a lovely little escape.

  2. It sounds wonderful! I love staying in B&Bs. There is something about being served a homemade breakfast that makes me feel very cared for.

  3. oh kate, this sounds completely perfect in every way!!

  4. ah Kate…I would definitely agree that this falls perfectly into your health plan. And that’s all I can say because I’m not dreaming of oven-baked apple cinnamon rolls. oh my.

  5. Fabulous! Good for you & your dear friend to share what sounds like the perfect day together! I wanna do that, too! lol

    You look like you are in heaven :)

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