Posted by: Kate | February 7, 2013

Feature Photo: Signs of Life

It may still be winter and we may yet get snow, but the garden knows the days are getting longer once more. (Note the blur – the days aren’t bright enough to not need a flash!) I love February.

crocus feb



  1. Are you kidding me??? You have crocuses up already?? It is currently 14 degrees right now.

  2. yeah, i’m gonna have to side with rach on this one… there’s no way a crocus would bloom in my yard right now!
    so i will just enjoy your photo… so nice to see some greens and purples!

  3. Ah, the first sign of Spring! Thank you, Kate!

    You are so fortunate to have such beautiful ‘life’ growing so soon! Mind, the buds are just peeking through the outside roses :)

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