Posted by: Kate | January 29, 2013

It’s So Sad

A sad day around here – my beloved Sony camera has gone nutty. The flash has stopped working, which in a coastal winter means the camera takes very grainy, dark pictures all the time. The flash just stopped flashing on Saturday. It worked the day before, but the next day, no flash. It is a five year old camera, so no warranty and the cost to mail it in and fix it is not worth it. I can replace it, but will it be something as loved as this one? This little camera never failed me, it had great colour pick-up, great macro ability and amazing definition. For a little point and shoot, it was a prince.

The first photo with the camera, 2008.

The first photo with the camera, 2008.

Mr. Kate says now I just have a summer camera. It’s true it’s not totally broken, as it can still take pictures, but somehow I already feel abandoned. My camera is always at the ready, and helps me give voice to so many things around.



So the quest begins for a new camera. I will stick with a point and shoot with a really good zoom, and see where we get to.

Hyacinth in macro.

Hyacinth in macro.

But it won’t be the same.



  1. Oh no! I’ve become so attached to my rugged little point and shoot, originally used only to prep for large and medium format photographs. Now it’s all I use. Maybe you can find your point and shoots twin on eBay…

  2. maybe you could get one of those old timey flash powder holding things? : )

    sorry to joke when you’re in mourning… i do feel your pain and hope you find a replacement soon. summer’s too far away to wait for more photos from you!

  3. Sorry your camera decided to go into semi-retirement. I was surprised to hear you use your flash a lot. I never use mine. I wonder if that is the difference between living on the coast and living in Kamloops? I hope you are able to find a good replacement. I have a Canon Powershot SX210IS and I love it. I recommend looking at the reviews on for any camera you are considering buying. It is a great place to see what others think about products.

  4. I don’t like what my camera’s flash does to the subject, so I usually don’t use it, but it takes a LOT of ambient light to make up for that. Most days around here, I can’t take photos at all. I hate camera shopping, mainly because I can’t afford the one I really want. :(
    Sorry your camera conked!

  5. Terribly sorry to hear of your beloved camera! I know what it’s like when a beloved camera suddenly stops doing what it’s supposed to do. Argh. I hope you’ll find a new camera soon, your blog wouldn’t be the same w/o your pics!

    I ordered my point&shoot “Canon PowerShot SD780 IS, Digital Elph” from Air Miles a few years ago. It’s been soooo good to me, oftentimes surprising me with amazing pics.

    Good luck!

  6. Terrible news indeed! I remember when my point and shoot (the only digital I had back then) briefly died right before I went to Alaska. My brother was kind enough to send me his to take with me but it wasn’t the same. I definitely felt lost without ‘my’ camera. As hard as it may be to shift your loyalties to a new camera (although i agree with Denise, check ebay), it is a must cuz we really do need Kate pictures sometime before summer!

  7. […] am still without my camera. It is at a repair shop in Victoria, awaiting a part to fix it. I was willing to pay for the […]

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