Posted by: Kate | January 22, 2013

A Boy’s View

These are some of Bushboy’s photos, from a walk we took with my mum and some of her friends on Sunday. He has another batch which are quite special as well, and I will share those another day. He said I could pick, so these are my favourites. For those who might be curious, the camera he was using is a Panasonic Lumix digital with a 6x zoom, a hand-me down from Granny.


I can just feel a story with the picture above.


Herons are so difficult to photograph, but I was impressed with his straight horizon!


Love the barbed wire.


The rosehip with the fuzzy beard is one of his favourites.


Great focus on this one.

So there you go. Keep in mind he was trying to capture a photo for his class contest, which had three categories: nature, faces and funny people. And no, none of these are the one he entered.



  1. I just love the way he’s embracing photography. Careful observation is such a wonderful skill, and transferable into so many areas.

  2. Those are great pictures! You are right about the top one having a story to go along with it. I hope we get to see his contest entry at some point.

  3. bb has a fantastic eye!
    i love that top photo and all his “zoom work” is especially nice!

    wish him luck from me in his contest!

  4. Great photos! He has “the eye”, for sure.

  5. Thank you Bushboy (and Kate!) for sharing these with us. I particularly love the first shot…so much depth and emotion in that shot. I’ve seen other parent/child photography posts where they each shoot the same scene and then present the pictures side by side. It is fascinating because the composition and thus feeling is often really different. Have you thought about doing that with BB?

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