Posted by: Kate | January 15, 2013

Knitting 2013

I do have some goals for my knitting this year, or at least some projects I’d like to work on. At the top of the list are sweaters for the family. This would include me, Bushboy, Mr. Kate and perhaps my mum and my dad as well. My dad’s 75th birthday is in March – I’m thinking a nice outdoorsy vest would be nice. My mum’s might be a Christmas present, a changeĀ from socks. As for our three, I would like a new cardigan for the office and a new pullover, Bushboy needs a new pullover for outside, and Mr. Kate, well, he just likes sweaters :)

I am inspired by Melissa to do some more charity knitting. Not sure what that will look like – hats or a blanket or two or ??? My blanket, which has been on my Ravelry list since 2009 as ‘in progress’ will get finished this year, maybe even before this winter is out. I am on the last ball of yarn and then I will call it finished.

A shawl – there is some lovely gifted green lace yarn in my basket, calling my name!

Socks if I can get them done, maybe even for me.

Dishcloths will happen, of course. And hats and fingerless mitts. And scarves. All the usual suspects that I knit when I just want mindless knitting.

So there you have it, some of my knitting plans for the year. How about you, any major projects planned for 2013?



  1. I love reading knitting goal posts almost as much as I love the ‘word’ posts. Sounds like you have a full plan for the year…I’m pleased that you included knitting something for yourself in there…and pleased that a skein of green lace-weight is calling your name (I was thinking about that the other day). My goals? I have 3 things on the needles that are fairly close to being done and that is top priority (2 sweaters and a hat). After that, I’m just going to see where the mood takes me. Although I didn’t knit a single sock stitch last year so thinking maybe I need to change that this year. Otherwise, I do want to dye more, spin more, and start the long process of cleaning up elk wool!

  2. I love when you talk about your knitting goals & projects! I’m lucky if I can turn out a pair of socks a year. I’ve always admired your knitting skills and all the lovely projects you’ve made. It’s great that you’re going to knit something for yourself, too!!

    You inspire me to ‘get off the fence’ and perhaps start searching for an easy sweater pattern for myself. Any ideas? I’ve never made a sweater, well, except for the disaster I made in my early 20s, but let’s not go there. I thought I’d start by making one of my grandkids a sweater. Don’t you always hear about Gramma’s knitting sweaters for the grandkids?

    For now, though, I’m going to finish my WIP’s: my daughter’s blanket, just needs another row of sewing up & then the border. Valentine mug (sippy cup) cozy (among other things) for granddaughter’s 1st b.d. on Valentine’s Day! … a long-abandoned dog sweater for a friend (she bought a kit & the instructions are strange plus I incorrectly decreased & have to rip it out).

    I still would love to knit more socks, dishcloths, charity knitting, maybe this group could come up with a plan? It could be the “Rocks, Waves, Beach” Project. What do you think?

  3. my big goal for this year is to finish up some half-finished projects i have floundering in a box up in our extra bedroom. there’s an afghan for brian in there, some colorwork mittens, lord, i don’t even know what else is up there! but i either need to finish them or rip them out and use the yarn for something else!

    other than that i’ll continue with my goals from previous years… knitting from stash first, one item a month for bundles of joy…

    i’m about to start lily’s birthday sweater! it’s out of fingering weight yarn. i’m already wondering what i was thinking!!

    • oh! and i forgot – i need to make more time for spinning. i miss it.

  4. Wow, big goals! I do not have a knitting goal for the year because it is not yet clear if I am able to knit at all. My knitting wish for the year is that the knitting will resume.

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