Posted by: Kate | January 11, 2013

Cute, Times Two

Before Christmas I mentioned the cutest thing I’ve ever knit. When I finished it, I wanted to knit about ten more right away. I took it to work to show people it was so cute. It wasn’t delivered until Boxing Day, so now I can finally reveal the cutest thing I’ve ever knit….


He wears it with such style, right?! This is the Viggo baby vest pattern by Drops, available on Ravelry. I used two sock yarns, left overs from socks and fingerless mitts – and there was still yarn left over! It’s amazing to me how little yarn baby knits take. I used two yarns instead of three because I knew the variegated yarn would be busy enough. Although this delicious baby you see here is 5 months I made the 9-12 month size and as you can see he will get good wear out of it.

One of the things that makes it a good baby vest is that it has buttons at the top of the shoulders, on both sides.

red baby striped vest2

My favourite knit of the season, for our family’s most favourite baby! (Seriously, Bushboy is crazy about him, as we all are.)



  1. Wonderful Kate! What a happy face :) Looks like baby LOVES it, too! I keep meaning to start a baby thing but haven’t come up with something I like (looks like I do now!) Ty :)

    (looks like you & I are on the computer at same time these days, lol).

  2. That really brings a smile to my face! Adorable!

  3. Yep. That’s some serious cute you knit up!

  4. Super cute! When I knit the sweater for Julian, my brother said ‘buttons are bad’ and I never really thought about it (well, I thought of it in relation to choking hazard but not ease of getting dressed!). But Marc reassured me saying they are no different than snaps and those are everywhere! That said, I think these buttons definitely are placed appropriately!

  5. Wow, I LOVE it! Super cute.

  6. okay that first photo has completely made my day! so much cuteness squeezed into one photo!! i can’t stand it!!

    love the vest, and i can totally see why your family is taken with baby, goodness he’s cute!

  7. ohmygoodness! too too adorable! love the vest and the baby is just ridiculously scrumptious!

  8. Hi, found you via Ravelry. I’m knitting this top too and I am wondering how you found the pattern. Some bits of it really don’t seem to be accurate compared to the image on Garn Studio’s website.

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