Posted by: Kate | January 6, 2013

Sunday Walk on the Beach

We love our beach spot, any day of the year. Today the swells were large and loud, so we thought we would share.


I find it a challenge to photograph waves, but had fun today trying. We also saw eagles overhead, and the dog had a great time running around the beach, although he wisely chose to stay out of the surf. The wind was biting and cold, but the air was fresh. Our cheeks were lovely and rosy by the time we left!

waves beach3







  1. thank you kate.
    this is *exactly* what i needed to start my monday morning off on the right foot.

  2. Thanks for the video clip. I could almost smell the salt air while I watched! You live in a beautiful part of the province.

  3. Wonderful!! I LOVE wave pics. I know what you mean, waves are so hard to capture on film, but you’ve done well, they’re grrrreat!!!

  4. I love NE Oregon but I have to say that I’m also jealous that you can hear that sound anytime you want! Thanks for sharing that…it’s been awhile since I heard it and it’s a sound I love. I too, love trying to take pictures of waves! I think you did a pretty good job of it!

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