Posted by: Kate | January 3, 2013

Starting As We Intend to Go On

I heard somewhere that saying, “you should start something the way you intend to go”. I always thought that was a good way to start the new year, so every year we start with a family walk. Clear the cobwebs away from the previous year, commit to our family, spend time where we love to be – out in nature. First step forward a good one, I’d say.

Of course, a big part of why we love being out in nature so much is this amazing place we live. This new year’s day we found a new walk for us, on a different side of the river from where we usually walk. There was still some snow on the trail where the sun doesn’t reach. My favourite in winter are the luscious green ferns. And check out all that moss. Rain forest indeed!

new years day2

new years day5

Then there are the works of art like this tree, decomposing as it stands. A great reminder of the constant ecosystem of the forest, where the leaves and decomposing wood feeds the next season’s greenery.

new years day4



  1. It looks like a beautiful walk…and the perfect start of the year. Amazingly until this year, I had never heard that you should spend NY’s day doing what you want to do all year. So I did something similar and did a walk with a friend as a fund-raiser for the local cross country team. Not in the woods so not as nice as yours, but it felt good…even in the sub-zero with wind-chill temperatures!

  2. A family walk is such an excellent way to begin the year, especially if you are starting the way you intend the year to go. Well done. I love those leaves blanketing your path. Gorgeous.

  3. This is what paradise or Heaven looks to me. You are so lucky! I love the ferns, the trees, trees hold huge mysteries to me, the moss, everything. And a wonderful way to begin 2013!!

  4. beautiful photos and a beautiful way to start the new year.
    i caught a nasty headcold so spent the first day of the new year sleeping on my couch… not starting as i intend to go on… but what can you do when you’re sick?
    i’ll just have to live vicariously through you i guess!!

  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours Kate. I’ve just been catching up on your posts, as our Christmas has been so busy with family visitors coming and going for the whole of the two week break from school. I’ve had no time for blog visiting. I hope 2013 is everything you wish it to be! Ros

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