Posted by: Kate | January 1, 2013

One Word 2013


My word for 2013 is health. I thought for quite a while about a number of words, but this one kept coming back to me. There are many aspects to this word for me, and many reasons to choose it.

  1. My physical health. As some of you know, I have a chronic health condition called Interstitial Cystitis (or as some specialists like to call it, Painful Bladder Syndrome). Although it is much milder than some people seem to experience, it is still bothersome. I am also prone to cystitis infections in general (unrelated to the disease). This year was particularly tough, and I’d like to improve the quality of my health in this regards. This ties in to a lot of things, but most importantly means working on diet and exercise. This ties in nicely to my second goal around my physical health, which is to lose the weight I gained this year working in an office every day (10 pounds). To do this I would like to be exercising more frequently, and again, watching my diet. Some of these changes I have already made and they are now a work in progress.
  2. My mental health. I am someone who worries a lot. Most of it is unnecessary, so I am going to be working on keeping my mental health at a stable balance, and find ways to stop the little voice that likes to worry about needless things.
  3. My social health. I don’t have a large circle of friends, as I’ve always been a bit of an introvert. However, I do miss having people outside my family to go for walks with, or have chats with. I am going to work on extending that hand of friendship a little more this year.
  4. My family health. This is a big year in our family. Mr. Kate turned 40 in 2012, and this year it  is my turn. As well, just before I turn 40, Bushboy turns 13. For some reason that last one is a big one for me, and so I want to do some evaluating on how our family works and be ready to adapt what is needed to allow our family to remain healthy (and not just physically) into this new stage.
  5. My personal achievement health. This is related to my mental health, I suppose, but I consider it a separate thing as I would like to continue to develop my editing career as well as get back to my own personal writing this year. My brain needs this, and so do I for my sense of self.

These five aspects of health really are all inter-related. Moving more will help my brain worry less, and worrying less will help me write more, etc etc. So, how to manage such a big word? Well, this year I’m going to break it down into some mini challenges. I think they’ll be about every six weeks, although some may be sooner. They will cover all of the aspects to my word, and help me focus on each one in more detail. I am starting with my physical health, as I know that when I feel better physically, a lot of the other parts are easier to bring together. I would love to extend these challenges to everyone, as they will be simple and don’t require that you have health as your word for the year. If you feel like joining me, I will have a check-in at the end of the month to talk about how I’m doing, and would love to hear from any of you in the comments.

My first challenge is to move more. I do walk the dog regularly, however I would like to add some good stretching/yoga into the mix, as well as some other movement. I’m hoping that movement will result in a couple of pounds lost by the end of January, as well as make me feel better through the darkest days of the winter.

There you have it, my word for 2013. Probably the biggest word I’ve tackled, but I think also the most concrete and easiest to define.

Welcome 2013. I’m ready for you!



  1. What a fabulous word! I wish you the very best of health in this new year 2013 :) I like how you broke it down to the many different roles of health.

    I’ve also been thinking about my word for 2013. Thus far, I seem to be stuck on the word ‘laughter’. It was a tough, heart-wrenching 2012 b/c of my daughter’s cancer scare and there wasn’t alot of laughter going on. She’s now improving and looks & feels so much better – thank you to everyone who prayed or sent good health for her.

    Like you, dear Kate, I don’t have a huge circle of friends, but the ones that I do have are very dear to me and you’re one that I can count as a good friend :)

    Cheers to 2013!!

  2. what an inspiring word kate! i hope that 2013 is an amazing journey for you as your focus on your word and its many meanings.
    i could use a little more health in my life as well, but i think i will keep my word for this year focused along the lines of the past few years, “let it be” and “calm.” i’ve been riddled with anxiety/depression my entire life and have been making serious steps in the direction of leaving that behind. i’ve been focusing on being in the moment more and letting the future take care of itself.
    with that in mind i have decided that my word for 2013 is “be.”
    sometimes just “being” is the hardest thing to do.

  3. I enjoyed reading your post. I too, feel that if I continued with a healthy diet, and eat sweets and some other things in moderation, I’d continue to reap healthful results. Of course, I need to keep exercising as well. An apple a day is so simple and really does wonders. Thanks for sharing your word for 2013.

  4. Great choice! I’ve been focused on moving more too. My husband bought me a little gadget called a fitbit that’s been making it more fun.

    Another contribution to health was joining my husband in a no-alcoholic beverages December. We breezed through and feel so good we are continuing. I didn’t drink that much to begin with, but a beer with this, a beer with that, a glass of wine here, a flute of champagne there. It must add up because I feel healthier without it. Plus there’s more time and space for drinking water.

    My 2013 word is pause. I simply want to take more moments to step back, consider the choices I make, the way I spend my days.

    I’m looking forward to your challenges. Inspiring, Kate! Thanks.

  5. This is perfect. So much that when I read it I considered changing mine. But instead, I will certainly follow along with your challenges and as requested, be interactive in the comments. The first challenge of ‘move more’ fits quite nicely with my word…you’ll see.

    Specifics…I didn’t know about your health issues. Definitely another reason your word is perfect. And 40 this year? I never would have guessed! Me too my friend, me too. #2…oh my. You know I struggle with this as well. When I talk in my ‘word’ post about reaching out to a friend for help…this issue was the main reason. I will likely do a post on that journey soon but if I decide not to, I’ll email you about it…we can all use a little more mental peace and maybe some of the things I’m learning on my journey would help you. Finally…#3…YES. I’ve been working on that. This field season I actually interacted with technicians…and while I wouldn’t call them friends exactly, taking a risk and being a little bit social, while hard for me, made that season so much more enjoyable. They made me laugh and everything was brighter because of it. And now that I know it’s a goal of yours in general, I am not afraid to say that I hope that though long-distance still, our friendship can develop even more this year. ;)

    Good luck in 2013…I’m optimistic for both of us too.

  6. Health is a great choice! I have not thought about my word, it has been so crazy around here the past could of months.

  7. Thank you for this detailed post, Kate! It will be so interesting to follow you on this journey in the upcoming year. I like how you have broken it into five specific categories. I have a book I could recommend for your first category. Email me if you are interested!

  8. Just popped in to say hello and wish you well with all of the above in 2013!

  9. Hi Kate, Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to seeing more of you this year, maybe, and I too could use several fewer pounds! You know I love my food… well, friend, best of good luck to you.

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