Posted by: Kate | December 30, 2012

One Word Reflections

My word for 2012 was ACCEPTANCE. I embraced this word internally, and reminded myself of it throughout the year. It was by my side as our home life continued to change with me working more outside of the house, helping me let go of frustrations and  feelings of inadequacy. It was in my hand as my son continued to become a teen-ager and find his way, sometimes in ways I wouldn’t even look, and it helped me listen to his point of view, his concepts and also to know when it was time to put my foot down firmly. It was in my thighs when my pants got tighter this year thanks to five hours a day in an office chair, and then helped me realize that while it is ok it is also something that I want to and need to work on (those pants won’t get less tight by magic). It was in my heart when relationships continued to change and some continued to be broken, helping me to see where I could work on things and where I simply had to let go of things. It was with me, and made me a better person for it.

Like all my words, I will likely do a bit of art work around this in my scrapbook, and then keep it in my heart.

Now I will prepare to embrace my One Word for 2013. I think I’ll tell you about that one on New Year’s Day, as I have some challenges to include and an invitation to all of you.

In the meantime, I wish for all of you a New Year’s Eve that pleases you, however that may be. Ours will include a quick shopping trip down island, then a free swim at the local pool, homemade pizza and a movie.

Happy New Year’s. Here’s to an astounding 2013!




  1. What a great idea! I will spend tomorrow trying to find the best word for my new year! Thank you and much light to you and your son!

  2. Last year was the first time I had heard of finding a theme word for the upcoming year. It is an intriguing idea. I love how you have looked back over the past year to see how your word applied – it has me tempted to pick a word for 2013 and see what happens. Did you tend to lose your focus on the word as the year progressed, or were you able to keep it fresh all year? And if so, how did you do it? I could see myself starting out okay, but by March forgetting I had ever picked a theme word for the year. :-)

  3. I LOVE your idea of choosing one word for the year! Like kirstieinbc said, it was the first time I had heard of it. I also forget things, so I wrote down my 2012 word “Calm” on a post-it note & stuck in on the fridge for the whole year. During busy supper-planning/cooking frenzies (I won’t go there now, ha ha), seeing this word did help calm things down. Always remember to breathe.

  4. beautiful kate. i’m so glad your word was able to help you so much this past year, it’s amazing how those things work out, isn’t it?
    i always look forward to your blog posts and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for including us on your journey!
    here’s to another year of blogging friendships!

  5. It sounds like your 2012 word served you well. Acceptance was a perfect word for you it seems…so many things in your life were changing and accepting that change is the first step to embracing it (in my opinion at least!). I’m so looking forward to seeing what your new word is and how you embrace it during 2013. I feel very lucky to have found your space (and you) in this vast internet world…happy new year friend.

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