Posted by: Kate | December 17, 2012

The Memory Cloths

I’m very fortunate to really like the people I work with. They are good people, with good hearts. So when one of them gave me four totes full of her late mother’s knitting paraphernalia, I was very honoured. The collection included pattern books, needles, and yarn. There was a fair bit of white kitchen yarn, and my work friend mentioned that perhaps I could make her some cloths out of that yarn. In the process of going through the boxes I actually found three cloths her mother had in the box and gave those to her. I’m sure she thought that meant I likely wouldn’t make her more.

memory cloths2


Seven cloths for seven days of the week. I think she’ll like them.



  1. I too think she’ll like them. And now I know there is such a thing as kitchen yarn. Thanks.

  2. She’ll love them! What a beautiful gift your friend gave you! I know you’ll make more beautiful things from this thoughtful gift.

  3. i love this kate… both the sentiment and the cloths are beautiful!

  4. Everything about these are perfect. While I adore knitting with colored cotton, I love the look of natural cloths.

  5. those are beautiful..

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