Posted by: Kate | December 9, 2012

Welsh Cakes

Mr. Kate’s Grandma was Welsh. She had a very strong connection to her heritage, and celebrated it as often as she could. One of the ways she did that was to make Welsh cakes every year at the holidays. Mr. Kate has fond memories of his grandma bringing Welsh cakes fresh from the oven over to their house in December when he was young. I was fortunate enough to meet his Grandma just before her dementia got really bad, but it was past her cooking days. When she passed away we took her recipe box and typed out all the recipes, so the family would have them (she had a reputation in the family as a wonderful cook). In the box was, sort of, her recipe for Welsh cakes. I say sort of, because it is a very terse recipe, but there is enough there, if you are a baker, to understand.

Every year we have made Welsh cakes, since before Bushboy was born. Now it is a family affair, and this Saturday was the day.

welsh cakes1

welsh cakes3

welsh cakes2


We all have our jobs. We all make the dough (different jobs) and then I roll it out. Bushboy cuts out the little cakes. Mr. Kate mans the griddle and cooks them to perfection.

Tradition, especially food tradition, is a nice thing to have and to pass along to the next generation. Do you have any?




  1. Those look so good! And I love the picture of Mr. Kate and Bushboy. They look like they are having a great time. Are you going to share your recipe with us, or is it a closely guarded family secret?

  2. Yum! I was thinking the same thing, kirstieinbc ~ may we please have your family recipe? I totally understand if you cannot share, we’ve got one or 2 great family-secret recipes ourselves ;)

    Traditions are wonderful!! It looks like Mr. Kate & BB are having a blast!

    I just started my Christmas baking this morning, DD1 loves Sugar Cookies so I’m going to make & send her a batch of “Sparkly Snowflake Cookies”, courtesy of Canadian Living magazine (no secrets!).


  3. Those look yummy!!

  4. This looks like a great tradition…and look how happy the boys are to be involved! I’d second the vote for a recipe only because I have no idea what a Welsh cake is I’m sad to say. I’m wondering if my family has food traditions and I’m coming up short…seems we are always constantly evolving on that front so what may be ‘tradition’ for a few years will change as our tastes change. I think the only tradition that has lasted since before I can remember are having/making buckeye balls at Xmas. yum.

  5. what a great tradition!

    although i too have to admit i don’t know what welsh cakes are and if you’re up to sharing the recipe i’d love to have a copy!

    i love that first photo of the handsome men in your life – looks like you all had a wonderful time! hooray for continuing traditions.

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