Posted by: Kate | December 3, 2012

December Walks

There’s something I love about walking in December. It’s not generally the stormy month that November is, there aren’t leaves swirling around, there isn’t as much sideways rain. December is the dormant month, the sleeping month, the darkest month of the year. And yet – there is colour in the barrenness, treasures in the blank canvas, and potential delights around every corner.

This week-end we took a quick jaunt to Baikie Island, a nature reserve being cajoled back to its native self after decades of industrial use. It is tucked in behind large machinery and work yards, but once there you forget all that as you watch the ducks on the water and the birds in the air. The landscape is still a little bare, but you come out at the end to a great view of the spit and mouth of the still-working Campbell River and a place for the dog to swim.

There was colour:



And there was good company:

winter walk


A December walk in weak sunlight, between rain showers. A satisfaction in my day.



  1. sounds like the perfect walk!

  2. I’ve been trying to do a short head-clearing walk every morning before starting work and I’d have to agree with you that December is such a beautiful walking month. Your outing sounds like a relaxing place to visit! And what a beautifully written tribute to winter!

  3. I like the simplicity! That is always powerful for me. When “I” don’t get in the way. Thanks!

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