Posted by: Kate | November 24, 2012

Breathe Deeply

Dusky light comes early in late November,
On those rare sunny days the sky glows pink
As the light slips away.
The beach is still and silent, sleeping beneath layers
Of storm-tossed seaweed and debris.
Rocks crunch under booted foot,
The logs are slippery with damp.
Breathe deeply.
Take in the fresh salty air,
The humid damp smell of beach –
seaweed and wood and wet sand.
Mountains surround, the scene is so much bigger than me.
My worries are less, my troubles smaller, 
When compared to the ocean in front of me.
The ocean completes me, soothes me, consoles me.
The beach is my place.
I breathe deeply.
~Kate, 2013


  1. Very beautiful Kate. Lovely words, lovely pictures.

  2. beautiful kate.
    thank you for sharing.

  3. Lovely.

  4. Ahhh, beautiful poem, Kate! I wish I were there right now.

    Have you published your poetry? I think you should – it’s great!

  5. Beautiful poetry Kate! Look forward to reading some more ;-) Ros

  6. aaahhh breathing deeply. thanks kate. It’s beautiful…but I particularly like the line ‘mountains surround, the scene is so much bigger than me’… how true.

  7. […] Along the way there have been book reviews, garden projects, photos, crafting, and family. (Posts found through random post hopping.) There are posts I’m proud of, and posts I put up just to have something on the blog on a regular basis. I think I wrote more essay-style posts in the early days, that has changed to a more anecdotal, conversational style. I think this blog truly represents me, in all its random ways. And the poetry makes me happy. […]

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