Posted by: Kate | November 22, 2012

One Less UFO

The blanket has been sitting in my craft room forlornly, feeling forgotten, for a total of three years. In the beginning I worked on it when Bushboy was in the bath, or settling in to sleep. But as he got older and switched over to morning showers, and not needing me in the vicinity to settle in, the blanket got worked on less and less. Upstairs to relax the other day, I pulled out the blanket on a whim and discovered I only needed about 8 more rows to get it finished. So I did.

Then it came downstairs, so that I could sew in all the ends while watching a movie.


You change yarn every four rows – that’s a lot of ends!

The blanket is done, and will go into a charity box eventually. I’m just so happy to have it finished! It’s not my oldest UFO, but it was close.


  1. Good job, Kate! You inspire me to finish my many UFO’s, thx :) It is a beautiful blankie, perfect for any future grandbabies? (lol, time goes by alot faster than you think!) (just saying’).

    As you said, any charity would certainly LOVE this! What’s next on your FO plate?

  2. gorgeous!!
    that has to feel good to get an old fo out and finished. i think that’s going to be my goal for next year… i have a box of abandoned wips upstairs that could use some attention.

    but back to your blanket – love it! and that *is* a lot of ends to weave in! thank goodness for movies to watch while you worked!
    what did you watch?

  3. If that was your oldest UFO, darlin’ you’re doing well! Nice to be done, I bet.

  4. I bet it felt really great to get that one done! Very pretty and I’m sure if it ends up going to charity, it will be well loved! I was going to ask the same question Melissa asked…what movie(s) did you watch while weaving in ends?

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