Posted by: Kate | November 11, 2012

Knitting is the Answer

Bored? Knit. In discomfort? Knit. Frustrated? Knit. Watching TV? Knit. Waiting? Knit.

For various reasons I’ve gotten a fair bit of knitting done recently, which means the Christmas knitting is well under way. First up, I’ve finished the second pair of socks for my mum. This pattern is called Baby Backwards Rib, and although it was a bit fiddly doing all those purl stitches, I do enjoy the final product. The yarn is Zitron Trekking XXL. The foot is Bushboy’s, and the socks are a bit small for him which means they should fit Mum perfectly. I did the leg a little shorter (3″ I think) as she doesn’t really care about the leg length.

Next up is a scarf for a work colleague. This is my pattern, Ocean Ripple, which I really like doing as a scarf. I’m making it long, as she is quite tall. Yarn is Malabrigo lace, so yummy.


I am still planning on making my mum a third pair of socks, but in the meantime I’m getting another pair for a friend’s Christmas present out of the way first. The pattern is Spring Forward, from Knitty, using Tofutsies. Love the way the yarn is knitting up in this pattern, and it’s proving to be a quick and fun project.


There are dishcloths of course, and baby knitting, but both of those deserve their own posts (and the baby knitting will have to wait until after Christmas).




  1. love that pattern on the blue socks – it goes perfectly with the yarn!

    sometimes i wonder what i did with all that “wasted” time before i started knitting… i honestly have no idea.

    good for you for taking the christmas present plunge… i’m still loitering around the edges, just dipping my toes in..

  2. True. So very true. Although if you put ‘severely stressed’ on the list, somehow knitting doesn’t work for me! I’m finally getting back into the groove of knitting daily and have started a couple Xmas gifts myself!

    Everything you are knitting looks great as usual but I’m particularly fawning over that lace knit with Malabrigo…I bet it’ll be amazing!

  3. I was happily knitting for a while and then took a break. I’m not feeling so well today. Perhaps I’ll take those needles back out and hope they help me feel better..

  4. LOVELY socks!!!!! I’ve use Spring Forward. It’s a great pattern! Ros

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