Posted by: Kate | November 4, 2012

A Nod to November

The wind was blowing at us as we got the dog out of the truck. The leaves swirled onto the path all around us, like little sprites dancing. We could hear the wind playing with the trees, and although the big trunks at eye level were still, when we leaned back we could see the tops of the trees way up above sway madly side to side. Not more than five minutes in the rain began. Just drips at first, it took a while to realize how wet we were getting. The smell of the damp earth and rotting leaves, the sound of rain dripping on tree branches and salal bushes and the hoods of our rain coats, all invigorated us and especially the dog. Our conversation ranged so many topics, we were laughing and debating and teasing. The turn around point came when our pants were too wet to be comfortable, and we still had to walk back. But we are West Coasters, and that means knowing that wet pants and rain falling is inevitable in November, and simply part of our lives. We went home to hot chocolate and peppermint tea, a dog zonked out on the blanket, and good books on the couch. Welcome November!



  1. lovely kate.

  2. your words captured it perfectly.

  3. Love that optimistic attitude, Kate.

  4. Hot cocoa is an integral part of our Novembers as well.

  5. This was a beautiful post, Kate. It makes me want to curl up on the couch with a cup of cocoa and a good book!

  6. Sounds just perfect, to me! Ros

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