Posted by: Kate | October 30, 2012

The Cardboard Creator has Done it Again

This year Bushboy wasn’t going to bother with Halloween. Then he remembered that his karate dojo has a party and costumes are required. So he decided he wanted to make himself into an iPhone. Luckily he has a source at an electronics store, so he put in the order for his box (that was a funny conversation to listen to). Next he decided what he needed and got some dollar store supplies with the help of mom. After that it was a matter of getting it done.

Hard at work.

Note the volume buttons on the side….

… and the very cool earbuds!

From conception, to creation, to complete construction (including all the add-ons like the app buttons, etc), this was completely his work, so it was nice to see it work out the way he wanted! (Now, we just have to figure out how to get it there…..)



  1. Brilliant! Well done Bushboy!

  2. Awesome! totally awesome, BB!! If you entered your amazing costume in a contest, you’d win, hands down!! (love the detail).

  3. Please tell Bushboy that is an awesome costume! He is very talented. It is easy to have an idea in your head, but quite another to actually be able to design and build it in real life.


    Why am I the only person wondering “Why June 22?”

  5. WOW! That’s amazing! Well done Bushboy. Hope the party went well. Ros

  6. I wondered ‘why June 22’ as well! Otherwise, pretty cool project BB! Creative just like his mom!

  7. yes, this is a very amazing costume and i love all his attention to detail, but i simply can’t get over how grown up bb is! he is looking so mature… such the handsome young man.

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