Posted by: Kate | October 26, 2012

The Man Slippers

“Honey, my slippers have holes in them…. can you make me new ones….?”

Can you hear the slight whine in that? Good, ’cause it was there! Mr. Kate was on the hunt for new slippers, but he was a little picky. Thick, no high cuff, but right up to the ankle. He looked over my shoulder as I searched Ravelry.

“That one’s nice….”

Sure it was nice, but it was a women’s size 9 and he’s a men’s size 12. So out comes the calculator and the adjustments begin. In the end all I did was use bulkier yarn and go up a couple of needle sizes. Three days and some scrap yarn later….

Happy Mr. Kate!



  1. Those are really nice, Kate. What pattern did you use?
    I bet Mr. Kate is smiling now!

  2. Really nice. I bet they have made for a happy hubby :)

  3. aw, given your last post about the weather you came to the rescue just in time!!
    and at least you were able to use bulky yarn and larger needles… i once knit a pair of socks for a friend of mine who wears us size 14 shoes! never again… i’m glad brian has more average man-sized feet!

    oh ps – the slippers look great : )

  4. Great job, Kate! Mr. Kate’s feet look cosy & happy, I love how we fibre-artist’s can create useful things!

  5. Nice slippers, and just in time for the colder weather!

  6. Hi kate
    wondering if you have the slipper pattern to sell ,very cosy patterns,like to knit a pair for my hubby cold feet.thanks!

  7. perhaps there was a wine to it, but you know that you loved him asking for hand-knits! These look warm and toasty…glad they met Mr. Kate’s approval!

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