Posted by: Kate | October 23, 2012

Where did THAT Come from?!

Mt. Washington Oct 22 2012.

Every year we are taken by surprise when we look out the window and see the first snow fall on Mt. Washington. The mountain range is often in the clouds during the fall and winter, so we don’t always realize when rain turns to snow. There was great debate when we saw the mountain yesterday about how much snow really fell. Turns out that on the face of the ski hill (which is on the other side from our vantage point) 5cm fell (about 2 inches). We won’t be skiing yet…. but it’s exciting none-the-less!


  1. What a beautiful pic! There’s snow on them there hills here in Kelowna now, too.

    I love the change of seasons, ahem, even winter. It’s a good time to knit!!

  2. It looks lovely off in the distance like that. Not so much so in our backyard. We have woken up to snow 3 out of the last 5 mornings!

  3. Oh sigh, I love snow It came with the storm that dropped several inches of rain in California and dropped the temperature about 15F!

  4. gorgeous!
    we actually had a few flakes floating around yesterday, but nothing major and nothing stuck… i love this time of year, bring on late fall/early winter!! : )

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