Posted by: Kate | October 21, 2012

At This Moment ….

At This Moment in Time …..

enjoying ….watching Bushboy grow into a delightful teenager.

reading ….. “Saving Fish from Drowning” by Amy Tan. Not sure that I love it, although I think she is a good writer.

knitting …. slippers for Mr. Kate and socks for mum.

spending time …. on adventures this month! Every week-end away, great adventures and visits.

learning …. to accept my limitations and that the clock will not stop for me.

snuggling …. a very special baby friend.

planning ….. ways to make every day life run a little more smoothly.

watching …. the new show Revolution, which we are recording and watching as a family.

Corn Maze Adventure!

looking forward to …. fall!



  1. I think I need to find a way to make everyday life run a little more smoothly! I love the photograph in the corn maze. Have a good week Kate. Ros

  2. Great post, Kate, it makes us all sit back & think of the wonderful things in our lives. You have a good life :)

    I love the corn maze photograph, too, they both look super-happy! Mazes (corn or otherwise) scare me, I haven’t done one … yet.

  3. :-)

  4. Perfect.

  5. i agree with kathy – perfect.

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