Posted by: Kate | October 8, 2012

Feature Photo: So That’s Why They’re Called Sea Lions!

That’s what Bushboy said as we watched the large group of sea lions sunning themselves. They were sitting/lounging on the pontoons just off shore from the public dock. We could have watched them for hours, but this was my favourite picture. It captures their conveyed arrogance so perfectly. It was the sound they make that made Bushboy state about them being called lions, as their calls are very similar to the huffing and growling that male lions do. These guys were all full of lazy bluster. So entertaining.

Yes, look upon me and be amazed. I know. I am that wonderful.



  1. That’s a great picture! Sea lions are such odd looking creatures. I have seen them on the Oregon coast, but wasn’t aware they hung out where you live.

  2. Amazing, Kate! You could frame this pic and proudly display in your home with just the caption you wrote (it’s perfect): “Yes, look upon me and be amazed. I know. I am that wonderful.”

    Love it.

  3. oh my, i can almost feel the sunshine warming me as i look at this photo!
    amazing capture kate! i agree with kim – you could frame this, it’s fantastic.

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