Posted by: Kate | September 23, 2012

Apple Avalanche

Our little apple tree is so loaded it’s already broken one branch! This bag was picked this afternoon and represents maybe 1/10th of the apples on the tree.


We are eating them right off the tree as it is just out the backdoor. But this bag, picked today, means let the dicing, chopping, peeling, dehydrating, freezing and baking begin!!


  1. so jealous.
    for two reasons
    (1) since we moved we no longer have an apple tree in our backyard.
    (2) this year we had a frost that killed off all the blossoms, so even if we were still at our old house we would have had no apple harvest.

    enjoy your apples!!

  2. WOW! They look absolutely perfect too. Delicious! Ros

  3. Mmmmmm, those apples look delicious!! Isn’t it great to pick fruit from your own backyard? We know what you’ll be busy doing these days :)

    I miss our old apple trees, too, we had 2 green apple trees (don’t remember the variety name, think it was a Norland) in our backyard in St. Albert, Alberta, of all places :) I loved to bake apple pies, apple crumble, or just crunching into one right off the tree (they were super-tart though).

  4. There is nothing better than apples fresh off the tree! It must have been a good year for apples. Both of my little tress were loaded, too.

  5. Apples are my favorite fruit. Not that I can’t polish off a pound (or two) of strawberries on my own in a single sitting. But for persistent fruit love, nothing beats an apple! Like Melissa, so jealous.

  6. Enjoy! I am really missing Gravenstein apples right now. They have an early season and they were so darn good. I’ve tried McIntosh and what they were calling Green Golden Delicious. They just didn’t compare. I wish I could pluck one of yours out of the photograph above.

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