Posted by: Kate | September 16, 2012

The Lakes of Northern BC

On our trip we camped at five lakes in Northern BC. They were all beautiful, and each one had its own appeal. The campgrounds were all provincial parks, well cared for and spacious as ever.

1. Charlie Lake

Charlie Lake is just north of Fort St. John, and appears to  be a very popular recreational lake. We only got there later in the evening and left in the morning, but we saw a number of water ski and fishing boats out on the water even at that time. It is a very big lake.

2. Muncho Lake

The guide books all called Muncho Lake the prettiest lake on the Alaska Highway. It’s certainly pretty, long and skinny, stretched out under the Northern Rockies. We camped at Macdonald Campground, towards the north end, and enjoyed our time there very much. Mr. Kate caught a bull trout here, and did some fly fishing on the pontoon boat. The reason Muncho Lake is considered so pretty? The colour!

3. Boya Lake

Boya Lake is on Hwy 37 in northern BC, and to me was the quintessential ‘northern lake’. There are lots of islands in the water, and the loons calling every night would echo around the water and islands. The treed slopes made you think a moose or caribou or elk was going to walk by any moment (and in fact we did find some big hoof prints down in the mud at the end of the lake). We spent two nights here, camped right on the edge of the lake, and Bushboy met another boy his age that he kayaked, rode bikes and swam(!) with. The colour of this lake is startling, as the bottom is a white shell grit, and the blue that is reflected back is astoundingly beautiful. It also proved very difficult to capture with my camera, I think this one is the best I got.

4. Meziadin Lake

This lake is also on Hwy 37, just after the junction to Stewart, BC and Hyder, Alaska which is 60km away. The lake is surrounded by the coastal mountains and glaciers, and was so still and calm the evening we were there. Picturesque.

5. Tyhee Lake

Our last lake was just east of Smithers, and was a big campground. Luckily it wasn’t too busy when we were there, although it filled up on our last night (we stayed two nights here). The lake was beautiful, under rolling hills and with a large field and beach area. At night the loons were very loud here.

The lakes were such a highlight of our trip, each one special and each one providing a new experience.



  1. Wow, Kate, it looks like you & your family enjoyed yourselves enormously. I love all the pics & could even dream a little bit while checking them out. The Muncho Lake water colours are just gorgeous, loved the Boya Lake, as well. I bet it’s even prettier in ‘real life’.

    My cousin used to live in Terrace, B.C., and commented on it’s beautiful lakes and countryside. She esp. talked about the salmon up there! She’d can dozens of canned salmon. What a beauitful Province we live in!!

  2. I tend to like really sinking into a single place when I travel, but you make the movement look so gratifying. I like your lake hopping. Five lakes. Wow. And all so pretty.

  3. One gorgeous photo after another! I’m so glad you’re taking us along on your fabulous and very scenic vacation!

  4. Little did you know that this would be the perfect post for me to return to! Where I will be next summer is northern BC…and in particular, the country north of Ft. St. John (I’ll actually be in Ft. St. John a bit later this winter). Without reading back, I’m not sure what the purpose of your trip was (did you go just to visit lakes?) but I really love how water played such a huge role in where you decided to go. All the photos are beautiful and it sounds like an amazing trip!

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