Posted by: Kate | September 13, 2012

That Book Moment

I can’t fall asleep easily without reading a book for five minutes. There are always books beside my bed, on the floor and on the shelves. The last thing I look for before I go upstairs is my current book. And even in those busy times when I’m not devouring books – I always find something to read in bed. A knitting book, a favourite book of essays, a book Bushboy wants me to read.

Mr. Kate falls asleep when he goes to bed. But if I don’t read, don’t allow my mind to slow down into the rhythm of the written word, I toss and turn for ages. That last bit of reading somehow gets my brain to let go of the day’s thoughts. Some nights it’s hard to put the book down, and I read longer than I should. But most nights I can tell myself just 5 or 10 minutes, and I stick to it.

Since I was a little girl, bedtime has included that book moment. I can’t imagine life without it.



  1. I’ve recently been falling asleep without reading. Your description has me considering a return.

  2. I love this post! You are exactly describing me! It doesn’t matter how late it is or how tired I am. If I try to fall asleep without reading it just doesn’t work. Even the day I got to Korea and had been up for over 24 hours I still read for a few minutes before turning out the light.

  3. I do just the same. It needs to be no more than a page or two, especially during a working week. I often prefer it to be from one of the many books beside my bed, rather tahn my current ‘book’. Have a good week. Ros

  4. i’m the same too. except i usually have to read for closer to 30 min…

  5. It looks like we’re all similar in our nightly reading habits. I can’t remember ever going to bed without a book, even a ‘bad’ book (when I couldn’t find something better), in fact, that’s how I discovered the genious of Charles Dickens! I had bought a beat-up paperback copy of “Great Expectations” at my local library. It sat in my bookshelf for months until I didn’t have a new book to read. I am very very happy to say I read this book!

    Like you, even if I can read for only 5 minutes, my bedtime routine is complete!

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