Posted by: Kate | September 9, 2012

Animals of Northern BC

One of the things we were most anticipating on this trip was all the animals we might see. Bushboy made a whole list in his book, and Kate just wanted to see a moose! The trip did not disappoint, and Mr. Kate (designated driver) did his best to give us ample opportunity to photograph as many as we could (the moose were camera shy, and we missed the many birds of prey along with the flicky white-tailed deer that made us laugh every single time we saw them).

A collection of our Northern animals:

Mule deer.


Stone sheep.

One woods bison.

Many woods bison!

Cheeky campsite squirrel.

Campsite Grouse (or Chicken, as the locals call it).

Black Bear.

Oh, and there was a beautiful, shy red fox. And a coyote. And free-range cattle (yup). We were all well pleased!



  1. Fabulous! There’s something especially magical about the Stone sheep.

  2. Good work capturing all those animals with your camera! It isn’t an easy thing to do. I’m not sure what to say about your sighting of the free-range cattle. :-)

  3. Great shots! I tend to be terrible at getting good images of animals. Perhaps I’m not quiet enough? :) Looks like a great trip!

  4. such fun! how exciting to see a bear! and i love the grouse, but you know me – my heart belongs to the squirrels!!

  5. Wonderful pics! I love that you share your amazing pics. I can’t get over the fact that we see so many wild animals in this Province. I’ve seen all the animals you’ve shown, except the Stone Sheep (of course the 1st thing I thought was, can you spin yarn from their hair?).

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