Posted by: Kate | August 12, 2012

Swimming in the Quinsam

We were fortunate to have some friends invite us out for a night camping this week-end in the local provincial campground on the Quinsam River. Mr. Kate had plans today so he only came out for the evening, but Bushboy and I slept there last night and stayed most of today.

Love our provincial park campgrounds.

We spent most of the day at, and in, the river.

A good current runs through this pool, making it great fun for swimming.

Looking upstream.

Bushboy split his time between swimming, and hunting for crayfish. He was quite successful, although they were all returned to the river in the end.

Sometimes swimming ….

….and lots of crayfish catching!

So much fun, just 10 minutes from home.






  1. looks like an amazing time!
    glad you brought you camera so we could go along with you!!

  2. sometimes ‘local’ vacations are absolutely the best kind. so glad that you two managed to have such a special and wonderful time together!

  3. My son is droolong over all those crayfish!

  4. A perfect way to spend time with your son & friends. Can I go? ;)

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