Posted by: Kate | August 9, 2012

The Soul of the Beach

When we lived in Ottawa 20 years ago I used to go sit down by Dow’s Lake and close my eyes and try to pretend I was back at the ocean. For a brief moment I could let the sound of lapping water trick my mind, but it never lasted. I liked Ottawa, but I craved Vancouver Island.

We all have those spaces, the place we feel the most at home, the most alive, the most ourselves. The place we belong. For me that has always been an island beach. The mountains in the distance, the pebbles and sand at my feet, the driftwood shapes — all these things are engraved on my very being.

I don’t know if I’ll live here forever, but I do know that these island beaches are the definition of me, the place I most completely belong.



  1. What a beautiful post! I’m pretty sure I could smell the ocean while I was reading it.

    I have two places like that – the rolling wheat fields of my youth, and the West Kootenays.

  2. you know, i’ve been a little over emotional lately anyway, but this post brought tears to my eyes.
    a beautiful post, from a beautiful person, who lives in a beautiful place.

  3. I know exactly how you feel.

  4. a place like that is good for the soul. and you obviously take full advantage of that. beautiful post!

  5. Your writing is amazing. I love to read how you spend your time, your thoughts … Thx for sharing these wonderful pics. Again, you do live in paradise!

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