Posted by: Kate | August 8, 2012

Chika – the Watcher

If Chika looks like this, then you know we are in the water. He never goes in if we are in, in fact he will get out of the water as soon as we enter. He takes up his spot on the beach (hopefully beside, not on, our things) and he watches over us. (The body in the picture belongs to a friend of ours, that Chika paid no attention to.) If he sees someone coming, or hears something in the distance, he sits up in ready mode, and might even give a ‘huff’ or two. He’s been like this since he was a puppy. If it’s very hot and he wants to go back in he might go a little ways down with one of us if we throw a stick for him, but otherwise he will not leave his post until we are all out of the water. And then he immediately goes back in himself.

Weird dog.



  1. So sweet. He wants you all to be safe. Or he’s just a little weird ; )

  2. Chika has strong protective instincts. Dogs are fascinating – so much smarter than most people give them credit for!

  3. oh chicka… now i love him even more!

  4. Watching the family he loves!

  5. Awww, you have an awesome family, Chika being a huge part of it. Love how he ‘stands guard’ protecting & watching over his family.

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