Posted by: Kate | August 6, 2012

Summertime Joys

It’s a good day in August when the only decision to be made is should we go to the lake or the ocean for a swim. We chose the ocean, as it’s closer than the lake and we were hot. What a great choice – Bushboy and I played in the water, and then I sat in the sun knitting while he continued to play. The water was gorgeous, the tide was slowly coming in. I sat on the logs looking at the view, and for the umpteenth time thought how lucky we are.

I hope you are all having wonderful summers as well.



  1. We are lucky. I was again reminded today when reading about a burn victim. I feel so happy to have this life, my good health, and so much more. Cheers.

  2. you and your family are the type of people who totally deserve to live in *the* most beautiful place on the earth – you enjoy and treasure each moment.
    (and share it with the rest of us through your gorgeous photography.)

  3. ditto on melissa’s comment. Thanks for your thoughts & beautiful pics!

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