Posted by: Kate | August 1, 2012

I’m an Olympics Watcher, Are You?

I admit it, I’m an avid Olympics watcher. All the sports I can see. I find myself choking up when I watch Brent Hayden win bronze in the pool; when I see the men’s 8 row a beautiful race to win silver; when I see the Chinese dive; when I watch the gymnasts fall and persevere; when I watch the Judo fighters cry on the mat in frustration; and on and on. There are so many moments and stories, and I love them all. Although I cheer for Canada, I admire all the athletes, especially those who stun the world with amazing performances. And also the stories – the gymnast from Ireland who paid his own way to make it to the Olympics; the family trials of so many of the athletes; and the falls and spills that create character along the way.

I know the Olympics are over-commercialized and cost so much money and divert funds from other worthwhile causes. But there is something about watching these wonderful athletes and their genuine efforts that somehow eclipses all that for me.

Are you an Olympics watcher?


  1. Ooooh, LOVE them! Love love love.

  2. i love the olympics as well! can’t get enough!!

  3. I’m Olympics mad! And being over here, I watch the UK version and then some of the U.S. version. I’m addicted. Back home, my social life stops during the Olympics.
    Are you taking part in the Ravellenic Games?

  4. I have to say, that I have wiled away many hours Olymic watching. It has been terrific viewing and is always such an emotional journey. Ros

  5. You probably already know what a huge Olympics fan I am, but just to confirm it, I ‘reprinted’ my favorite blog entry from my Whistler 2010 experience the other day, here … . Like you, we are glued to the TV a LOT right now!

  6. The Olympics are a special part of our world, I caught what I could when I was away. Yes, I’m a huge fan. Oh Canada!!

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