Posted by: Kate | July 23, 2012

The Joy of Laughter

I was reminded last night of the wonderful power of strong laughter, as a group of women I admire and enjoy sat in my living room gabbing, and laughing. It felt so right, and so powerful, to laugh out loud with these fabulous women.

We do laugh a lot in this house. I live with two guys who enjoy 12-year-old boy humour, and I am fortunate enough that both of them also have a sly sense of comedy at times. Bushboy is an intense kid, so when he feels joy, the laughter is big and loud and long.

But there is something about the shared laughter of women, women who can relate to and understand the humour in a woman’s everyday life. It is joyous, and I am ever so grateful for it.

Laugh too loud.
When people look at you,
Laugh louder.

~note on a birthday card I once received



  1. I know that feeling you are talking about and you have me missing some of that laughter. Wonderful birthday note.

  2. It was SO FUN the other night! Thank you so much for hosting…we must do it again really really REALLY soon!

  3. I know exactly the kind of laughter you are talking about. It is a gift.

  4. beautiful kate.
    the power of laughter, especially when shared with friends, is truly amazing!

  5. I’m glad I scrolled down to take in more of your posts over the summer (love the Chika post as you know I would)…but I stopped at this one. One of the things that made this past summer so great…and what I miss so much about it and the crew…is the laughter. I can’t count the number of times I was laughing so hard I was crying…and I’m not sure that a day went by that I didn’t laugh out loud. I’m back now to my normal routine that includes stress and anger more often than a smile…let alone a laugh. So your post…I understand it so completely and love that you had a night of laughs!

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